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Gammon Capital Group is comprised of highly diverse individuals, whose experience spans a multitude of industries and expertise. Our team is focused on delivering clients and investors unique, streamlined opportunities which deliver tangiable value. 


Greg Castro is a serial entrepreneur and founder, focused on building companies and creating value. His "expertise" is deeply rooted in marketing, sales, finance, and business strategy. As a professional he's developed his skillset across years of dynamic and innovative consulting engagements with 200+ companies. Over the past 10 years, he's also been an investor, advisor, and mentor to an array of successful companies. 

Greg is also the Founder and CEO of Sparky + Hollywood, a full-service marketing & sales firm focused on servicing high growth companies (Clients include companies such as Warby Parker, AXA, ect). Sparky + Hollywood is headquartered in NYC, but services clients both across the country and internationally. Additionally, Greg has founded a multitude of other companies. These include a patient financing company, a speciality financing  firm, a tax lien fund and more. 

Greg is a former operating partner at Interplay Ventures and formerly co-founded a marketing agency, which he later acquired from his partner's at Interplay Ventures. Interplay is a successful New York Venture Capital firm with over 30 investments in high-growth companies. 

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